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In a couple of instances, I've found bos.rte.* filesets broken during upgrade, perhaps with the root part missing.

It's always a pain, and I always forget how to fix it.

The problem is that the AIX base media does not include base install images for these. They are S (single) updates instead of I (install) images. This is because, during install, a bff called "bos" is laid down first, and that includes 10-20 core filesets, /usr, /, and all the core stuff. It's basically a prototype mksysb. Sort of.

Anyway, in rare instances, when there is a known defect, IBM will release a fileset as a patch through support/ztrans to get you fixed. If you don't have time to wait, or if you are a biz partner, working with a customer who hasn't yet approved you using their support, then you might have to fix it yourself.

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The solution was ODM surgery.

First, I took a mksysb and copied it to somewhere safe (another server with NIM installed).

Then, I looked into ODM, and found /etc/objrepos/product was missing the entry for this version.
You might be able to copy from /usr/lib/objrepos, but I copied from a valid clone of this system.

# export ODMDIR=/etc/objrepos
# ssh goodserver odmget -q lpp_name=bos.rte.security product | odmadd

Then, I needed to add the history line, which was identical between root and usr:
# odmget -q name=bos.rte.security lpp     (note the lpp_id)
# ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos odmget -q lpp_name=39 history | ODMDIR=/etc/objrepos odmadd

The "inventory" ODM is accessed with lpp_name also, but that had a long list of files already. I did not mess with any of that.

Now, install_all_updates from my TLSP worked fine.


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